Garden: Corral

before pruning

An Autumn jungle has grown in 6 weeks.

Then, after cutting back, and more to come…

Garden-MidNov2104So I have to say goodbye to persimmon, pomegranate, orange, quince and jujuba trees for a couple of years as they have been harshly pruned.   Lucky to have one of each in the garden.  Perhaps it will help keep the ants at bay.

Persimmon-Nov2014Persimmon (or kaki)  in the summer before the fruit turns flaming red in the fall.  Unfortunately the ripe fruit became food for the birds as it was all over by the time I returned in November.

Quince-Nov2014The branches were so laden with unripe quince that they had to be propped up from touching the ground.  Managed to salvage only a few by the time I returned, just enough for a quince paste making experiment.

Jujuba-Nov2014This is jujuba (in I don’t know what language) or ginjoler in Catalan.  A kind of sweet cherry I think.  Again, the birds and the ants had a feast before I did.