Chanterelles: Picornells

chanterelles-Nov2014 Never been given a gift of mushrooms before.  Shamefully wary of dirty food.

My Mallorquin friend wrote down the word so I could Google it and found “El millor bolet de Mallorca és el picornell.”  Eventually leading me to chanterelle which seem similar if not the same.   He advised me to clean delicately with a soft paintbrush to get rid of dirt and then thread and hang to dry.

I didn’t have thread….but several bamboo skewers did the job.

driedmushrooms-Nov2014I’ve since found these great videos – including how to freeze mushroooms –  by chef Becky Selengut, who has also written a book which I plan to buy (as I have so many mushrooms) called Shroom.  If my dried mushrooms are a success I’ll share a recipe!