Garden find: Friar’s Cowl


After the garden was cleared I found these little flowers popping up all over the place.  Finally unearthed to be Friar’s Cowl or arisarum vulgare.  I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad.  There isn’t much information online other than some consider it an exotic plant and others a potential nuisance as it can be invasive.   Supposedly you can eat the tuberous root, but that doesn’t sound very appealing as it contains calcium oxalate that leaves a prickly and burning sensation in the mouth unless prepared properly.

Meanwhile found out that Calla Lilies and Poinsettas are also toxic. This website devoted to the 1930s book A Modern Herbal is an interesting resource for future reference. chard, spinachSomething else found growing wildy in clumps in the garden that looks similar to chard or spinach. Although it could be the poisonous cousin of our flower friends above.  Clearly not rushing to do a taste test.