A mushroom medley

mushroomsforaged-Dec2014More mushroom learning required.  Shades from red to grey.  One looks like a strange coral, funnily enough commonly called a coral mushroom (as I discovered on Fat of the Land a blog by Langdon Cook who writes about foraged food and is author of the book The Mushroom Hunters).  Another flat capped and reddish one I think is called Lactarius sanguifluus; esclata-sang in Mallorquin.  After expressing an interest, my mushroom foraging friend kept dropping in with more.

mushroomclose-upThere are festivals devoted to mushrooms in Mallorca (the biggest, at the end of November, in Mancor de la Vall) and supposedly over 1500 varieties that grow in Mallorca alone.    Camagrocs, cama-seca, las griset are all words I wrote down from my Mallorquin friend that I managed to translate on this site that identifies mushrooms that grow in the Balearics.  He recommended frying the smaller ones (none pictured) after dipping in beaten egg, followed by flour and ground almond.  Something I must try next year in mushroom season.