Ant attack: Hormigas

Stopping ants is a never ending battle. Sorry ants, time to get serious.  Step 1:  Fruit Tree Grease

One positive side effect of harshly pruning all the fruit trees in the garden is it has cut down the ant population.  I thought they had moved next door.  But no, they’re back on the lemons with a vengeance.


Here’s a good instructional video on how to apply sticky bait for fruit trees.

Fruit Tree Grease is made from hydrogenated rapeseed oil vs petroleum based Tanglefoot.  Although almost impossible to spread as thinly as the video describes – like thick molasses – let’s see how it works.

Meanwhile, the old time method of painting lime at the base of a tree didn’t do anything than usefully highlight the ant freeway.

….and a day later….the ants are going nowhere near the grease but they have found tunnels in which to travel, under bark and  inside the tree.  Arrrgh.  Hence my poor tree now is wearing a stripey coat.  And yes, that is a cork.  A lava of angry crack addicted ants were pouring out of a knot hole above the first band. In a panic I painted grease directly on the bark and tried to fill the hole.  A wine cork finally plugged the flow.  Hopefully the tree is running out of knot holes.  It’s now a battle requiring no holds barred full armoury Terro Garden Stakes at the base of the tree as alternative drug fix.  Check in tomorrow.


You can read about my ongoing ant problem in another post here.