Ramallet Tomatoes

Small, juicy with an intense reddish colour and bursting with flavour, Ramallet tomatoes are native to Mallorca.  They are even registered as a protected vegetable by the agricultural ministry. You’ll usually see them strung together in attractive looking bunches and they are stored that way for up to six months.

Famously used for preparing pa amb oli which is a halved Ramallet tomato rubbed onto traditional Mallorquin bread drizzled with olive oil and sea salt followed by your choice of cheese or jamon with a side of olives or hot pickle and eaten as an open sandwich. ramallettomato I’ve just ordered a book Bread and Oil: Majorcan Culture’s Last Stand written by Tomás Graves (son of poet Robert) translated from his original entitled Volem pa amb oli all about this native ‘sandwich’, its culture and tradition within Mallorquin cuisine.  Let you know more when I receive it!

And so I can one day string my own, here is a beautifully photographed example by Jo’s Loft on how to string Ramallet tomatoes.  Good thing I’ve learned how to tie knots