Making Dill pickles: pepinillos

After the Great Olive Success I figured it’s time to expand the repertoire.  Not that I love dill pickles all that much but if they turn out well, they’re much easier to prepare than olives and nice to serve at lunch with jamon in this hot weather.  Not feeling too confident at this stage as it seems too easy.  Nonetheless, we will find out tomorrow as these are ‘refrigerator pickles’ ie ready in 24 hours.


Step 1: Select the right type of cucumber.  Kirby cucumbers according the recipe so I looked for ones that looked knobbily similar.

Step 2: Gather your ingredients – vinegar, coriander and mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, salt, sugar, water, garlic, fresh dill.

Step 3:  Shove cucumbers in a jar and fill with liquid and spices. My cucumbers keep floating to the top like bobbing apples. Hmmm.

Step 4: Wait & see (ask me tomorrow).

pickles2You’ll see from the picture I used Agave Syrup instead of sugar.  Don’t ask me why, just happened to buy some today for another recipe and thought I’d use that instead.  Notice the international panoply of ingredients; salt from England, spices from Germany (like a lot of organic produce in Mallorca), syrup from mainland Spain, and veg from up the road.

To save writing out the recipe – here is the blog I got it from so you can give it a go – the pickles have rave reviews and they look much more attractive than mine!