Plastic horror

Horrified at the amount of plastic water bottles in my recycling bin during this never ending heatwave I decided to take action.  The result? My two new toys: charcoal and a fizz maker.

waterI couldn’t commit to a water filter as they all seem a bit convoluted and expensive so thought these Japanese charcoal blocks made a lot of sense.  Binchotan charcoal, popular in Japan for over 1200 years, supposedly adsorbs toxins such as chlorine, lead, mercury, cadmium and copper and releases useful minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphates. There’s a posh jug & charcoal version on my wish list (but they don’t deliver to Spain for some reason) from black + blum but in the meantime it’s good old Ikea jugs with charcoal pieces.  You have to be a bit organised as the charcoal has to filter for a few hours so I alternate 2 jugs of water. The end result does tastes very clean.

And my other new toy – not as cost effective but a bit more exciting is my fizz machine.  After researching different models this one fits my criteria of a. stylish and b. efficient – PureFizz by French company Mastrad.  Co2 canisters are a bit pricy – about the same as buying bottled – but hey, no plastic. Here’s a good review from the Chicago Tribune.  I bought mine on Amazon  for around €40.

Now I need to investigate some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks (purely for day time consumption).  Here are a few from Treehugger to get started.