Fundacion Pilar i Joan Miró

Catalan artist Joan Miró said in 1938…

My dream, once I am able to settle down somewhere, is to have a large studio, not so much for reasons of brightness, northern light, and so on, which I don’t care about, but in order to have enough room to hold many canvases, because the more I work, the more I want to work.


That dream was realised in 1954 with a studio designed by architect Josep Lluís Sert, a contemporary of Le Corbusier, professor at Harvard and friend of Miro (along with Calder, Picasso, Mondrian and others). You can visit the studio buildings where Miró worked as well as a museum dedicated to his art at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miro in Palma.


Born in Barcelona, Miró finally settled in Mallorca at the age of 63 after completion of his new studio building. Watch a video on Joan Miró’s life narrated by Ed Harris for the National Gallery and another with Miró and Duke Ellington.  I’m always amazed at what you can find on YouTube.


A beautiful museum, studios and grounds on the edge of Palma.  You can even see Miró’s graffiti on his studio walls.



What counts is not the work itself, but the course of one’s spirit throughout one’s entire life.