Pickle fail

I’m not going to lie – after a promising start my pickle experiment was a big fail.  After 24 hours you could strip car paint with those cucumbers. Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I just don’t like vinegar that much. But I have seen what vinegar can do to remove limescale (just boil it up in your kettle and prepare to be amazed).


Not willing to accept pickle failure and trying to cut the vinegar assault, I tweaked the mixture by adding ever increasing amounts of (brown) sugar to each jar (hence the odd colour) and even made a new batch with cider vinegar and sliced cucumbers (being superstitious) with my pickle experiment becoming less healthy by the minute and my fridge resembling a science lab.

After waiting another 12 hours each jar was as bad as the first tasting except predictably, the sweeter jars were slightly more palatable.

The more I thought about these ‘quick’ pickles, I thought why not just slice cucumbers on a plate and add salt and vinegar (and probably olive oil) as you go to taste? Because life is too short to obsess about pickles.

For you brave souls who love pickles and vinegar, here are two more links to slightly different recipes that look good: no water no sugar version and a no sugar way more water than vinegar version.  Perhaps the old fashioned salted brine pickles are more to my liking.  Either way, I’ll be buying mine from the store from now on.  Oh wait, upon reflection, I hardly ever buy pickles…