What is a rosehip?

I’m the first to admit I know nothing about roses but I have heard of rosehip jam and I think that’s what is growing at the back of the garden. Super wary of eating any plants I’m not 100% sure of especially after seeing ‘Into The Wild’.

I initially thought rosehips were a different plant to roses but they are actually the fruit of the rose tree that appears in late summer/early fall.   If you don’t deadhead your roses they will naturally form a ‘rosehip’ or a seed pod that can be used to grow more roses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen roses on the plant with the red rosehips (must keep an eye on it).

Not quite ripe when orange and over ripe when deep red they should be just slightly soft when ready.   Rosehips are a great source of food for birds in the winter and also a great source of Vitamin C for humans but for the moment I have enough on my hands just learning about pruning.   Conveniently, there are 3 old rose bushes in the garden that that don’t need much help from me. I will leave the rosehips for the birds.

I also just learned today how to deadhead a rose ie basically cut off the dead bloom just above the nearest set of leaves below (not so technical a description but watch this video for rose beginners by Paul Zimmerman – the first time I haven’t died of boredom trying to learn about roses).