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Now what?

Given to me by my neighbour, these small artichokes were staring at me, making me nervous.  So I jumped in and prepared them following the best instructions I could find on the net….… Continue reading

Garden find: Wild garlic

My friend Sarah came for lunch and said to me “do you know you have wild garlic growing in your garden?”.  Clearly not.  So, super excited about this! She told me it was… Continue reading


That I never get to eat due to birds, bugs and timing. Save Save Save Save

The simplest recipe ever

Never having been a huge cauliflower fan this pasta sauce has changed my mind.  So simple to make. The quickest evening meal ever. Healthy and delicious too.  It looks like a rich cream… Continue reading

Pomegranate: Granada

I am now the proud owner of 4 pomegranates off my tree.  Such an exciting moment that turned into a gruesome task, with red juice and seeds splattering everywhere.  The red juice stains…there… Continue reading

Fudgesicle recipe

Anyone who knows what a fudgsicle is will be as excited as I was to make these.  And they came out amazingly!  And they are non-dairy and healthy.  Super easy to make. Recipe… Continue reading

Pickle fail

I’m not going to lie – after a promising start my pickle experiment was a big fail.  After 24 hours you could strip car paint with those cucumbers. Maybe I did something wrong.… Continue reading

Jamón con melón

Simple and mouth watering, ham with melon.  No fuss on a sunny day.

Plastic horror

Horrified at the amount of plastic water bottles in my recycling bin during this never ending heatwave I decided to take action.  The result? My two new toys: charcoal and a fizz maker.… Continue reading

Making Dill pickles: pepinillos

After the Great Olive Success I figured it’s time to expand the repertoire.  Not that I love dill pickles all that much but if they turn out well, they’re much easier to prepare… Continue reading

My first pa amb oli!

Under the guidance of Mr T Graves I have made my first official Pa Amb Oli.  (Well, this one is officially called a pa amb tomaquet.)  Not to say, I haven’t eaten one… Continue reading

Pa Amb Oli

What a great book!  It’s hard to imagine a captivating book written just about bread and olive oil – and only  1 type for the Mallorquin national ‘sandwich’ – called the Pa Amb… Continue reading

What is Pedro Ximenez?

I first bought PX by chance and simply thought it was a type of sherry.  This one I bought for at a local shop is Denominacion de Origen Montilla-Moriles from the Adalucian province… Continue reading

Ramallet Tomatoes

Small, juicy with an intense reddish colour and bursting with flavour, Ramallet tomatoes are native to Mallorca.  They are even registered as a protected vegetable by the agricultural ministry. You’ll usually see them… Continue reading

Gazpacho time

It’s been gazpacho time every day this week with the ongoing heat wave.  The first time I made gazpacho last year was a proud moment I had to photograph. Very simple to make.… Continue reading

Olive success!

Lesson 6: Taste. I can’t quite believe it.  After picking in November, dry salting for a month and marinating for four, I am the proud owner of 2 (small) jars of my own… Continue reading

Flor de Esgueva: queso

From the Peñafiel area of Northern Spain this sheep’s milk cheese is a new discovery for me.  Subtle, creamy, slightly tangy flavour, matured 6 to 9 months. Supposedly, considered one of the best… Continue reading

Red wine: Vi negre Finca Son Bordils 2009

If you like wine, there are quite a few vineyards in Mallorca.  I haven’t yet had the chance to visit any but nonetheless sample their wares.  This red wine (vi negre in Mallorquin)… Continue reading

Chickpea & spinach soup

Living in Mallorca means learning to cook. Things like saffron (azafran), red paprika (pimentón) both mild and hot, bottled chickpeas, and dried lentils are all becoming part of my Spanish winter larder staples. … Continue reading

A mushroom medley

More mushroom learning required.  Shades from red to grey.  One looks like a strange coral, funnily enough commonly called a coral mushroom (as I discovered on Fat of the Land a blog by… Continue reading

Olive experiment continues

Lesson 4:  So far, so good.  Everything seems to be happening as it should.  The salt is drying out the olives and today is the day where they come out of their salt… Continue reading

Salt: Sal

Balearic salt – the cheaper version for the dry salt cure my olives experiment. Salt is a very interesting topic I’m only recently discovering.  This Salt Walks video made in Vancouver by artist… Continue reading

Mushroom: Bolet

Channeling Irving Penn…well, actually looking at a mushroom for once. Obviously, I’m new to the world of mushroom observation as there are some crazy mushrooms about and people who photograph them (not necessarily… Continue reading

Chanterelles: Picornells

Never been given a gift of mushrooms before.  Shamefully wary of dirty food. My Mallorquin friend wrote down the word so I could Google it and found “El millor bolet de Mallorca és… Continue reading

Curing olives: aceitunas

Who knew there were edible olives in the garden?  If my gardener friend hadn’t told me (after he started pruning) I’d be none the wiser.  Hence the introduction of Preserving Olives 101. Lesson… Continue reading