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Gift – regalo

My elderly neighbour across the fence casually pulled a bounty of vegetables from her abundant garden – baby artichokes, giant beans and some herbs.  At least I could share lemons in exchange.  Literally… Continue reading

Garden find: Wild garlic

My friend Sarah came for lunch and said to me “do you know you have wild garlic growing in your garden?”.  Clearly not.  So, super excited about this! She told me it was… Continue reading


That I never get to eat due to birds, bugs and timing. Save Save Save Save

Fall Bouganvillea

Missing the garden…

Free roses

Isn’t it amazing? They grow and they’re free!

Garden envy

Planted by my robust 80+ year old neighbour.  I find her hauling wood in the winter and hoeing like a trooper when preparing her garden for planting.  I can only look in wonder… Continue reading

Flowering Quince

March is the month for flowering Quince.

Garden find: wild gladioli

The mystery of the green clumps in the garden has finally revealed itself. Perhaps I wasn’t here at the right time before or they just decided to come out this year.  Wild gladioli!… Continue reading

Old Olive tree: olivera

Now THAT is on old olive tree!

New Year’s Inspiration 2016: Molt d’Anys

“You’ve got to have someplace to get away from this turmoil”.  Wise words from Jack English, 93 years old.  Watch this inspiring and charming video from Director/Producer Grace Jackson.  Contemplation and contentment. Two… Continue reading


The base of a palm tree frond (I think that’s the word).  Shows how tough a material it is!

Beautiful January sky

With my lemons in the foreground doing quite nicely this year.

Pomegranate: Granada

I am now the proud owner of 4 pomegranates off my tree.  Such an exciting moment that turned into a gruesome task, with red juice and seeds splattering everywhere.  The red juice stains…there… Continue reading

Raixa Gardens

The Possessió de Raixa near Bunyola is a magnificent country estate famous for its Italian style villa and gardens developed by the Despuig family under their ownership from 1660 until the early 1900s.… Continue reading

Rear view mirror: espejo

Sometimes looking over your shoulder is good thing.

Grapevine 2

This is how grapevines are supposed to look. Ashamedly, here is how mine looks. I think I have a lot to learn.  At least there’s only one vine to contend with. Lucky that… Continue reading

Red soil: tierra roja

An arresting sight of newly ploughed red soil. According to a 2010 study conducted by Spanish and American researchers the reddish soil in Mediterranean areas such as Majorca (Mallorca) and Sardinia is a… Continue reading

Surprise bird’s nest

Stumbled upon a surprise amongst the thorny rosehips.

What is a rosehip?

I’m the first to admit I know nothing about roses but I have heard of rosehip jam and I think that’s what is growing at the back of the garden. Super wary of… Continue reading

Lanzarote Cactus

Blast from the past!  Before smart phones when people used to carry ‘cameras’.  It was only around 10 years ago amazingly.  I must say my favourite cactus garden has to be in Lanzarote. … Continue reading

Cactus Garden – Cap Roig

Visiting the gardens after a scorching June & July meant less flowers but more cacti.  The cactus garden at Jardin de Cap Roig near Palafrugell is stunning.

Costa Brava – Cap Roig

An amazing garden in the Costa Brava near Girona with dramatic views over the ocean – Jardins de Cap Roig – 17 hectares of beauty and home to the annual Cap Roig music festival.… Continue reading

Capers: Taperas

I was wondering what these white flowering clumps were growing between rows of trees. Capers! Neither fruit nor seed but the bud of a thorny, low growing flowering shrub. Caper picking is an… Continue reading

Spot the lemons

Looking forward to a new crop in the winter.

Found object

Jolly ladybird windmill in the garden.

Bales of hay: heno

Down a country lane and spyed a Monet moment.

Knot joy

Needed to rehang the clothing line as the builders managed to lose it and realised I didn’t know how to tie a knot properly.  So I did some research…I think I did an… Continue reading

Rose eating caterpillars

Last year the roses were covered with ants and this year it’s these funny looking caterpillars which I discovered are Rose Sawfly Larvae (Arge pagana).  Yuck.  According the Royal Horticultural Society: Large rose… Continue reading

Garden find: Calla Lilly

Something I discovered in March.  It looks like a calla/arum lilly.  Nothing surprises me in this garden that has every weed known to man.  In fact, Arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is regarded as a… Continue reading

Trees are amazing

After a severe pruning in December I cannot believe how the trees are growing back so vigorously.  From stumps to growth.  Trees are truly amazing.


What seemed like a long dead grapevine with no hope of revival suddenly sprung back to life with bushy exhuberance.  I look forward to seeing how it evolves over the summer. This is… Continue reading

Artist Rudi Patterson

Just thinking of a friend who recently passed and a happy reminder of him on my walls.  If only my garden was so well manicured….one day.  Read more about Rudi here. Quite a… Continue reading

Spring cactus

Prickly pear cactus that I’ve never been brave enough to try.  And a bit of research revealed the yellow flower to be Oxalis pes-caprae (Buttercup oxalis or African wood-sorrel) that originates in Africa… Continue reading

Bouganvillea have thorns

When you discover the painful truth beyond the beauty. Bouganvillea as metaphor. At least roses make themselves known.

Spring day: primavera

Lush green fields from the car window on a sunny spring weekend.

Ant attack: Hormigas

Stopping ants is a never ending battle. Sorry ants, time to get serious.  Step 1:  Fruit Tree Grease One positive side effect of harshly pruning all the fruit trees in the garden is… Continue reading

Tiled flower garden

Have you ever seen a mosaic garden? Driving down a country lane in the middle of the island I came upon this arresting vision. A low maintenance flower garden? A work in progress… Continue reading

Dry stone wall

Beautiful example of a dry stone wall

Aphid free lemon ice cubes

Fighting ants all summer and pruning extensively in November seems to have rid the lemon tree of black sooty mold and aphids.  Never been responsible for a tree before. Fighting ants has become… Continue reading

Garden find: Friar’s Cowl

After the garden was cleared I found these little flowers popping up all over the place.  Finally unearthed to be Friar’s Cowl or arisarum vulgare.  I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad. … Continue reading

A barren land

What happened to my lovely fruit trees?

Fall leaves

Taking inspiration from ‘I have this thing with floors’ on instagram . Check it out!

Garden: Corral

An Autumn jungle has grown in 6 weeks. Then, after cutting back, and more to come… So I have to say goodbye to persimmon, pomegranate, orange, quince and jujuba trees for a couple… Continue reading

Exotic planting

  What strange creature is this?  Seen at the Jardines de Alfabia, an estate at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains that can be dated to 1170.   The original name derives from… Continue reading

Bougainvillea in spring

Hard to believe the colour on the terrace.