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Clay tiles – barro cocido

Stage 1 living room reno – Mallorquin hand made traditional clay times laid!  At the moment a beautiful dusty pinkish shade.  Not sure the best way to seal as don’t want a dark… Continue reading

Rusted iron: hierro oxidado

A World of Interiors moment of found rusty objects in the basement, garage and outdoors.

New Year’s Inspiration 2016: Molt d’Anys

“You’ve got to have someplace to get away from this turmoil”.  Wise words from Jack English, 93 years old.  Watch this inspiring and charming video from Director/Producer Grace Jackson.  Contemplation and contentment. Two… Continue reading

Rear view mirror: espejo

Sometimes looking over your shoulder is good thing.

No parking please

Aparcar = park a car.  Easy to remember.

Terracotta tiles

Cool tiles in entrance hall at hotel in Palafrugell, Costa Brava

Matching sheep

Sheared sienna sheep (cordero).

Red soil: tierra roja

An arresting sight of newly ploughed red soil. According to a 2010 study conducted by Spanish and American researchers the reddish soil in Mediterranean areas such as Majorca (Mallorca) and Sardinia is a… Continue reading

House: casa

Beautiful colour and striking textures against a bright blue sky.

Bales of hay: heno

Down a country lane and spyed a Monet moment.

Ramallet Tomatoes

Small, juicy with an intense reddish colour and bursting with flavour, Ramallet tomatoes are native to Mallorca.  They are even registered as a protected vegetable by the agricultural ministry. You’ll usually see them… Continue reading

Gazpacho time

It’s been gazpacho time every day this week with the ongoing heat wave.  The first time I made gazpacho last year was a proud moment I had to photograph. Very simple to make.… Continue reading

Christmas lights: Nadal

It’s a wonderous thing to turn from a dimly lit street and encounter the simplest yet most beautiful Christmas lighting.  The tennis player Rafael Nadal was born in Manacor, a town in Mallorca. … Continue reading

Modern mix

Unusually shaped modern door on a very old building.

Technology & madness in 2014

Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be able to plonk myself in the middle of nowhere without technology.  Broadband allows me to work. Skype plays a big role in social interaction so much so… Continue reading

Fall leaves

Taking inspiration from ‘I have this thing with floors’ on instagram . Check it out!

Mushroom: Bolet

Channeling Irving Penn…well, actually looking at a mushroom for once. Obviously, I’m new to the world of mushroom observation as there are some crazy mushrooms about and people who photograph them (not necessarily… Continue reading


This Gecko appeared in the den looking a bit pale.  My friend Neil thought he looked a bit odd – perhaps he was in hiding from the gecko gang in the garden.