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Field full of alliums

Contrast of bleached grass (wheat?) with purple flowers on my scooter outing. Advertisements

Snail: Cargol

A typical mallorquin dish that is enjoyed by many.  I will eat most things but can say this is not on that list!

Giant asparagus

This weird Day of the Triffids plant made me turn my scooter around to take a photo.  It looked like a giant asparagus and must have been 15 feet tall.   Some kind… Continue reading

Black turkey: pavo

Thought this was probably a turkey as had never seen one before, and yes, it is a black turkey.   Turkeys come in all colours – who knew?  Known as ‘Black Spanish’ (or… Continue reading

Matching sheep

Sheared sienna sheep (cordero).

Big pig!

Hairy happy pig (cerdo).

Mountains: muntanya

Went on a wandering adventure today and was caught by this view from the hills (puig) near the Natural Park in the Llevant on the north east coast.  Miles of scrub land not… Continue reading

Rose eating caterpillars

Last year the roses were covered with ants and this year it’s these funny looking caterpillars which I discovered are Rose Sawfly Larvae (Arge pagana).  Yuck.  According the Royal Horticultural Society: Large rose… Continue reading

A Goose out for a Sunday stroll

7am this morning, a goose (oca) out for a walk down main street.  Don’t ask me what I was doing up at 7am on a Sunday.

Winter Mallorca sky

In London at the moment and missing my Mallorca garden rain or shine.

New Year inspiration 2015: Molt d’Anys

  Watch this inspiring video of adventure and simplicity.  Two good mottos for 2015. Gunther and Christine Holtorf’s 23 year, 550,000 mile epic journey to 177 countries in 1 car. In Mallorquin ‘Molt… Continue reading

A pig!

Perfectly poised pig


This Gecko appeared in the den looking a bit pale.  My friend Neil thought he looked a bit odd – perhaps he was in hiding from the gecko gang in the garden.